Vintaj Big Kick Results

The Vintaj Big Kick has been fun!  I’ve cut  tiffany my own metal, tried a few different blanks, ran them through the machine and I’m ready to share my results.

I put together a few finished pieces using the metal I’ve textured. Many of you emailed me with your own input, experience and questions.  I love that!  I have consulted with Sizzix customer service to get a few things cleared up.

First, I unpacked the box and thought the handle for the machine was missing!  I was not happy. I waited until the next morning to hear back from Beadaholique.   They told me they thought the same at first.  The handle is well hidden in a hole on the back of some of the styrofoam packaging.   I nearly tossed it out and I would have been in trouble because it was garbage day.  The Big Kick Vintaj edition is very popular and seems to be on back order in many places so if you do get your hands on one, don’t throw away the packaging until you find the handle!

Overall, it is very easy to use.  I found that if the metal is over 26 gauge, it has a hard time running through the machine and leaves permanant marks on the die templates.  26 gauge works really well.

Many stamping blanks you would buy are going to be too thick to run through the Big Kick and will quickly damage your die folders.  Vintaj says to only use their branded blanks so you will not run into a problem.  You also are encouraged to rotate them around to different images and not always use them in the same spot.  This sort of stinks because  you are going to have your favorites you want to use again and again.

Shelly Hawes-Smith found that the “Jewelry Shoppe” blanks from Hobby Lobby work great as well as some from Fire Mountain.  It’s kind of common sense.  If the blank or metal feels too thick when you close the folder then it is going damage it as it runs through the machine.  I would recommend using a metal gauge to check your thickness if you are not sure and are going to use other non Vintaj blanks.

If you have owned other Sizzix Big Kick products and have other texture plates or dies, they recommend you do not use them on metal and just stick to paper as they were intended for.  You can run them through the Vintaj big Kick as long as you are using paper.  If you use the Originalz and the Bigz to cut metal they will wear out really fast (this directly from Sizzix).  Their instructions are a bit unclear on this.

The Vintaj Big Kick is a nice tool to have to texture metal in a super easy way.    You are of course limited to the designs they give you and the folders will wear out with lots of use. Will it keep me from etching metal the messy old fashioned way?  Probably not, if I want a totally unique original design or want to texture a large piece.   However, you sure can’t beat the Vintaj Big  Kick for quick and easy embellishments to your metal blanks.

For those of you who just bought and had questions or for those of you that are considering it, I hope this helps!    Are you considering tiffany?  If you have one – what do you think?
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